Connecting documents, processes and people

Electronic Invoice

Do you wish to send or receive electronic invoices, orders, advices? DocProcess will help you define and implement your projects.

Are you looking for a solution to create, send, convert, process and monitor invoices (and many more) from your suppliers or to your clients? DocXchange, our platform, is the right answer.

DocXchange is a platform which offers full support for the electronic document interchanges implied in the purchasing/sales processes


Document Management

Paper or digital documents, document creation, digitization, classification, sending and archiving can be seen or experienced as a necessary evil for developing a business. By modeling and automating document management, our consultants and IT personnel will help you increase the added value of the processes in your organization.

We offer you innovative, reliable products with an unbeatable price/performance ratio for the implementation of document management and process automation in the company.


Digital transformation

Digital transformation is the profound transformation of business and organizational activities, processes, competencies and models.

DocProcess is the engine driving your digital transformation, without risks, nor investment.